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ECNL Girls Blue

About FC Stars ECNL Blue & FC Stars ECNL Regional League Blue

FC Stars is proud to have been a founding member of the Girls Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) in 2009. The Girls ECNL was developed for the purpose of providing the highest level of competition and the best developmental environment for American female youth soccer players. Additionally, the league has a comprehensive identification and development program which seeks to include players in US Soccer’s National Teams. 

The Girls ECNL includes both regular season conference games and National Showcase events. Qualifying teams from the Girls ECNL will advance to the post-season in San Diego, California. FC Stars has U12-U19 ECNL Blue teams competing in the ECNL New England Conference. 

During the 2023-24 season our ECNL Blue teams either have played or will play in ECNL Showcase Events in, Florida, Phoenix, and North Carolina amongst other national tournaments. These showcase events pair our teams against other ECNL teams from around the country in front of hundreds of college coaches. 

During the 2022-23 season, five teams qualified for the ECNL National Playoffs held in San Diego, California. Our '06 ECNL Blue team finished finished in first place during the regular season of the ECNL New England Conference with an 11-1-2 record.

Over the course of the season, players are scouted in ECNL competition for invitations to special ECNL National Training camps primarily held in the summer months. The ECNL covers all costs of participation for this camp.

In 2019, the ECNL Regional League was founded to provide more pathways and opportunities for players on a national stage. FC Stars Blue is proud to have been a founding member of the first ever Northeast- based ECNL Regional League. FC Stars has U12-U19 ECNL Regional League Blue teams competing in the ECNL New England Regional League. 

Our U16, U17, and U19 teams participated in ECNL RL Florida in January, 2024 amongst their notable tournaments. Once again, the event was attended by Division I,II, and III coaches from across the country. 

During the 2022-23 season, four ECNL RL Blue Girls teams qualified for the ECNL Regional League Championship Northeast.  

The ECNL has established itself as the Premier venue for young female soccer players in the US.  A recent SoccerWire ranking of the top girls soccer clubs in the country showed that 17 of the top 20 were all ECNL members. FC Stars Blue was ranked as the 20th best program across the ECNL for the 2021-22 season, the highest ranked team in the New England Conference. 

During the 2022/23 season, FC Stars Blue had six players receive call-ups to youth national team camps, four players selected to play in ECNL National Selection Games, two players selected to the ECNL Girls Conference Cup and two players named as High-School All-Americans. 

2023/24 FC Stars ECNL Blue Coaching Staff

Director - Graeme Blackman -

GK Coach - Matt Davison -

2012 - U12 Pre ECNL

2011 - U13

2010 - U14

2009 - U15

2008 - U16

2007 - U17

2006/2005 - U19

2023/24 FC Stars ECNL Regional League Blue Coaching Staff