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We Stand United

To Our Stars family,

It has been a difficult few weeks for our nation and a sad and tragic time for so many.  As a community we believe it is really important to lend our voice to this struggle for equality for our black and brown brothers and sisters and to find ways to "not sit on the sidelines and stay silent." We have heard from several of our coaches and staff who wanted to add their voices. We would also love to hear from players and families regarding ways that we, as a club, can be active participants in creating justice and equality for everyone. We must ensure that every player and every family in our club feels welcome and a valued part of the Stars family.

From our coaches

"This is a time to acknowledge that there is a problem and it has been around for quite some time. We need to make sure that FC Stars is a welcoming and inclusive environment and be proactive when it comes to putting this into action. This is not a color problem; this is a PEOPLE problem. I believe just like we strive to be leaders in the soccer community when it comes to competition and soccer decisions, we should strive to do the same regarding this issue of equality as well."

"Soccer is the world's sport.  Within our club, throughout the country and around the world, people from all walks of life meet on the pitch and play.  The ball rolls the same for everyone and no matter the color, we are all one team.   We want our country to represent that same spirit of unity and equality.  Each one of us, choosing Right, choosing Justice, can make a difference."

A coach talking about his dad: "One-night driving home he told me that he and my mom wanted a better life for my sister and I, better than they had growing up. Yet by moving, and settling down in a small town, my parents realized that this “better life” only sheltered us from the realities of life: struggle and perseverance. “You struggle together, you sweat together and you overcome together.” His message was that through battling it out on the field or the court you figure out who you really are and learn to appreciate others around you through struggle, and success. “Sports unites all”, he would say. 

If we want to succeed as a people, we must figure it out - ask questions, understand each other’s goals, respect boundaries and ultimately respect each other, and love them for who they are. Compete hard, respect all."

"Our Stars family must continue to be a safe space for all teams, players, and staff; we take pride in those who represent and have represented our club. At FC Stars, we do not support racism or discrimination of any kind; this behavior is not tolerated".

We Stand United  

FC Stars