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FC Stars Complex

FC Stars Complex

70 McGovern Blvd, Lancaster, MA 01523

Turf Guidelines

  • Use of the synthetic fields and surrounding property only by express permission of FC Stars
  • Only Players and Officials allowed on turf surface
  • All spectators must remain outside the perimeter fence
  • No chewing of gum allowed on turf
  • No food or drinks other than water and sports drinks allowed on turf
  • No metal cleats or nylon cleats longer than 1/4 in
  • Please do not move goals or other equipment within the turf area.
  • Enter turf fields only by designated gates
  • Please do not jump the perimeter fence
  • No tents or other structures that could damage the turf surface are permitted.
  • No use of aerial drones at without prior permission 


Visitor Information

  • No pets (including dogs)
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • No smoking
  • No chewing of gum allowed on turf
  • No boorish behavior towards referees or other spectators
  • No climbing of fences
  • Please park only in designated parking areas
  • Please keep all children under supervision at all times
  • Parents are asked to refrain from entering turfed area
  • Players and team officials only on the turf
  • Please place all litter in the designated receptacles
  • No use of wheeled vehicles or toys of any kind in parking lot or field perimeter (including but not limited to bikes, skateboards, scooters, motorized scooters, etc)

About the FC Stars Complex

After a comprehensive search for a suitable piece of land, in 2014 FC Stars found an agreement to build its new soccer complex at 70 McGovern Boulevard in Lancaster, Massachusetts.  A 20-acre site was secured to allow for the installation of four synthetic soccer fields with floodlights.  The ceremonial ground breaking took place on May 29, 2014 and construction started in June of 2014 by RAD Sports, the premier installer of synthetic turf fields in the Northeast region. 

Phase 1 includes the first two fields with lights and a 300-car parking lot.  Two fields, floodlights, perimeter walkway and fencing was completed by November 10, 2014 and the facility was used for the first time as a host to the 2014 Nike Friendlies event.

Phase 2, incorporating construction of two additional synthetic turf fields with lights, a pavilion, additional parking, and a connecting roadway was initiated in October 2017 and completed in May 2018.

This facility puts FC Stars in a unique position in Massachusetts and most of the country in providing long-term stability. FC Stars has easy access to fields for practice and games. The complex also enhances the ability to host curriculum development, elite-level training, and fitness sessions to be supervised at one location for teams across our club.