Samantha Prescott
FC Stars are heartbroken to share this information about Samantha Prescott. For those of you who don’t know Samantha, she is a member of our GU15 ECNL team and has recently been diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. Sam is a great player and would be easily recognizable for her big smile and positive contribution to her team. 
Her father Mike Prescott is well known throughout the soccer community as he has been a MAPLE referee for a number of years. 
On Friday April 22nd, Samantha had a surgery to implant a gene altered virus into the tumor sites on her left hemisphere of brain. This is a study by Dana Farber and Samantha is its 2nd child to do this.  The hope is that the gene altered virus will attach itself to tumor cells and only to them, then they begin a antiviral agent that then will hopefully attack the tumor cells and make them regress, stop or slow down replication.  The surgery itself went without complications and time will tell if this has a good effect or not.  In the meantime she is to begin radiation treatments and has returned to UMMC in Worcester.  She will be inpatient for a little while during initial radiation treatments. 

The Prescott family have been overwhelmed with the amount of support from the Stars families and they wanted to let you all know that they appreciate and treasure all the support that you have shown them throughout these tough times. Although they have not been able to respond to everybody at this point in time they truly feel your love, hope and heartbreak. 

Not only have we been given tickets for the Revolution game this weekend but we would like to offer an opportunity for you to support the family. The fund below is to help the Prescotts with medical expenses and any other needs that Sam may have. 
Prescott Family Account:

 Should people wish to send in checks, they may do so as follows:

Make the check payable to UBS Financial Services

In the memo line of the check state that the check is for the Prescott Family Account (this is important so our Operations area knows where to deposit the check)

Mail to UBS Financial Services, One Post Office Square, 33rd Floor, Boston, MA 02109

Should people wish to send in wire transfers, they may do so as follows:

ABA #026007993
A/C #101-WA-258641-000
For Further Credit to Michael Neil Prescott and Joyce Virginia Hegeman
For Further Credit to PW-**764 
(PLEASE CONTACT TINA SAMIS FOR THE ENTIRE ACCOUNT NUMBER VIA TELEPHONE AT 617-439-8198. We are not permitted to email account numbers

Sam with her coach Greg Cosgrove