FC Stars Teams

F.C. Stars currently has a number of regions available to any interested players.  These geographical F.C.Stars regions allow players greater availability to FC Stars coaching with limited travel, especially at the young age groups (U12 and under). Click here to access a map that shows the geographical distribution of the regional operations.

Until the age of U12 the players will be trained in the the region where they reside. Thus, when considering tryouts, please consult the map to see which FC Stars region your home location falls under. At U13 and older, FC Stars will field select teams on the Boys (1 team) and girls (2 - ECNL and NPL) that will be comprised of the top players from all regions.  Regional programs will also field teams from U13 and above.  The select teams will train in the centrally located region to reduce travel for the players coming from all the regional programs.  Tryouts for the select teams generally occur prior to regional tryouts to allow greater flexibility for players.


Please click on the links below to view teams:

FC  Stars - Central Boys

FC Stars - Central Girls

FC Stars - ECNL

FC Stars - NPL

FC Stars - New Hampshire

FC Stars - South

FC Stars - West


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